The Artist

With over 30 years of fashion and lifestyle photography experience, Frederic Pinet is a master in his field. As a photographer and video director Pinet spends his time traveling the world creating iconic images for luxury brands as well as print and digital magazines.

The French-born creative discovered his passion for the lens at age 14 during his travels through Africa, where he was gifted his first camera. A few years later, Frederic started his career by assisting renowned photographers such as Paolo Roversi, Steven Meisel and Mario Testino.

Pinet’s skill, eye and joie de vivre led him to become a go-to photographer for many fashion magazines and celebrities. He has photographed supermodels and actresses like Penelope Cruz , Jessica Parker , Naomi Campbell and regularly collaborates with Vogue, Bulgari, Elle, , Audemars Piguet , Adidas ,BMW and many more global brands.

While fashion and lifestyle photography will always be his first love, Pinet has been working on his fine art work for many years.

His recent series of work “Endless Summer” features subjects submerging themselves in water – specifically swimming pools. It is a moment entirely relatable, but at the same time, Pinet’s lens captures the timelessness and stillness of these moments of escape. The photographs are at once both everyday and extraordinary – a transportive vortex to an elemental peace. Memories of lazy summers mixed with the refreshing dynamism of a David Hockney painting. A series of lucid dreams to which Pinet invites you, the viewer, to join him as voyeur.

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