Endless Summer

Frederic Pinet’s recent series of work “Endless Summer” features subjects submerging themselves in water – specifically swimming pools. It is a moment entirely relatable, but at the same time, Pinet’s lens captures the timelessness and stillness of these moments of escape. The photographs are at once both everyday and extraordinary – a transportive vortex to an elemental peace. Memories of lazy summers mixed with the refreshing dynamism of a David Hockney painting. A series of lucid dreams to which Pinet invites you, the viewer, to join him as voyeur.

“Water represents a space where light and bodies bend and waver, a space in which abstract and subject merge. The transparency of water allows one to observe objects, but also see into them and through them. Pools allow us to perceive tension, weight and volume contradicted with clarity, lightness and ease.” -Frederic Pinet

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